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The Blueform – written directed and performed by James Pratt

Brendon, the anti-hero has worked for the firm all his life, and he’s going nowhere. In fact, he’s just been demoted to the Requisitions Dept. An unusual form lands on his desk and all hell breaks loose. He’ll be abused, drugged and shot at, all in the name of finding out the truth. It’s 1984 meets About Schmidt.

Nominated for a Green Room Award for his last La Mama solo show, They Shoot Poets Don’t They, James has written a simple, comic and poignant show that sprang from his experience of reaching 40 and realising that the dreams of his 20’s and 30’s had crashed into a heap of burning what the f@#k happened there?! His journey to figure out how to deal with this was the main stimulus to making this new work.

The Blueform is a fluid mix of theatrical styles. A tight narrative, personal stories and goofing off with the audience all get stylishly smashed together to produce an original piece of work, that reminds us there are voices inside us and we better deal with them.

Using multiple characters, mimimal set and props the show tells a multilayered narrative that uses key dramatic elements such as conflict, rhythm, symbol and tension to create a work that is both intimate and universal. The show has great examples of directly addressing the audience and the classic fourth wall relationship. The work seamlessly integrates non-naturalistic and naturalistic styles and is both dramatic and comedic.

The Blueform was premiered at the La Mama Theatre in Cartlon in 2015.

“Whilst James is the only actor, we are never made to feel as if it we are watching a solo production. His transformations are fantastic. James’s physicality coupled with the way in which he embodies, such diverse characters, is phenomenal” – Sara Caputo, Melbourne.Arts.Fashion

“There’s no doubt James Pratt is an attractive and multifaceted performer. The Blueform, is a vehicle for unleashing skilled physical comedy, quirky character acting and an arsenal of crazy accents” – Cameron Woodhead, The Age

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For Schools:

The Blueform has particular relevance to year 10,11 and 12 drama students particular those undertaking a solo devising task. The show has particular relevance to  Study Units 1,2 and 4.

James can also design a character and/or theatre devising workshop that can be included with the show.